One Picture/One Paragraph

Flannery O’Kafka

To my surprise, blood has not made much of an appearance during this season.

Sheilah Wilson

In the act of photographing is the act of holding you.

Niko J. Kallianiotis

Some of those images cut like a blade to someone like me, who has spent half his life in Athens.

Kinga Owczennikow

After a meditative walk in the Kiyosumi Garden in Tokyo, I walked into a random store.

Roula Seikaly

This is an antidote to the sickness spit out by media commentators.

Barb Smith

I am aware that I am breathing difference to memory

Ben McNutt

Therefore you were permitted to break your opponent’s bones.

Aykan Safo─člu

We object to her kindness, but she insists, proceeds, and we surrender.

Jaime Permuth

The beauty of being a photographer is that life is intensely lived and utterly unpredictable.