One Picture/One Paragraph

Tessa Berring

I’m tired of threading objects onto thin flexible wire. Metaphors bore me and I know I’ve changed the subject.

Eduardo Rivera

She’d always been there, occupying the same room.

Alan Labb

My father was a company man living in a company town.

Boyer + Factor

The subject roams the parameters of her habitat, pushing against the surfaces.

Rachael Banks

When I look at my grandmother, I find myself frightened by our likeness.

Jenny Papalexandris

It is not a story with a clear trajectory; images are filmic and present as a series of vignettes.

Kelly Mitchell

It was me and my scanner.

Henry Rice

This photograph is not a depiction of life in Seoul, it is a depiction of my memory of it.

Mark Tamer

Five seconds later there was indeed a flash and a bang and I did fly across the living room.