One Picture/One Paragraph

Kelly Mitchell

It was me and my scanner.

Henry Rice

This photograph is not a depiction of life in Seoul, it is a depiction of my memory of it.

Mark Tamer

Five seconds later there was indeed a flash and a bang and I did fly across the living room.

Shane Lavalette

I’m gonna write me some music about Daybreak in Alabama

Jaimee Pineda

Sink below and drift away, Knowing that all will be okay.

Clayton Sisson

It captured my awe at something that I didn’t understand.

Erin O’Flynn

I wondered what breezes from the Atlantic eventually found their way into its open windows.

Ling Liu

Now I own one image of my best friend, and I will hold on to it for a lifetime.

Silvia Malagrino

My own attachment to the photograph haunts me.