Ellen Driscoll / Lost Cartography

The silhouettes and ghostly traces she conjures with sumi and walnut inks are insistent and ephemeral.

Danny Lyon: Rebel With a Camera

Lyon was not the run-of-the-mill concerned photographer hoping for photographic notoriety; he was seeking revolution.

Glimpses of an Insurrection

Baltimore is an intimate place. We know each other. We call it ‘Small-timore.”

28 Notes for Roy DeCarava

22. You employed rubbled lots like ravaged proscenia. It’s Waiting for Godot in Harlem.

Finding Photographs

Finding photographs is a different adventure than taking photographs. Nostalgia and irony are the first obstacles to overcome.

Tabitha Soren: This American Moment

Are these runners paranoid and delusional, or are they visionary?

Ivar Kvaal

Hibernation is a liminal space between life and death, a limbo.

Paula McCartney: A Field Guide to Snow and Ice

Perhaps there is another way of knowing the world other than by our narrow habits of classification.

Beatles’ Haircuts

Ringo’s soul patch was particularly unnerving.