Book Report #4

Books discussed: ‘The Women’s Mobile Museum,’ ‘Somewhere Along the Line,’ and ‘Dhaka.’

Odette England

Originally trained as a painter, England seeks to reassert photography’s physicality.

Zoë Charlton

Charlton shifts our perspective to examine ideas around the private spaces of domesticity as it relates to the history of race, power, and gender.

The Mask is the Meaning

“Under this mask, another mask; I will never finish removing all these faces.”

God’s Documentarian

Floating above the terrestrial scene is a waxing moon, its craters and seas finely etched into its silvery face.

Book Report #3

1864 by Matthew Brandt, Too Tired for Sunshine by Tara Wray, A Habit of Self Deceit by Lorena Turner.

White / Flower / Fist

Bazille’s flower seller poses a more complicated question than Manet’s Olympia.

Rosa Verhoeve

Kopi Susu is modest in scale but not in ambition, its power is to be found in the contemplative and the quietly suggestive, it whispers its secrets.

Peter Hujar’s Photographic Truth

Hujar understood and utilized photography’s tension between document and theatricality.