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Christiane Feser: On Not Expecting a Window

For over a decade, Christiane Feser has been making images that explicitly or implicitly intervene in photographic transparency.

Clarissa Bonet

Stark light, deep shadow and muted color are visual strategies I explore to describe the city.

Book Report No.1

Books discussed in this first installment are ‘Elegy’ by Justin Kimball, ‘Rift / Fault’ by Marion Belanger, and ‘Either Limits or Contradictions’ by Nick Meyer.

Sarah Blesener

I am critical of the indoctrination of young people, but I have to balance that with my feeling for the kids themselves.

Alejandro Cartagena

Since 2009, I have been portraying different aspects of the US-Mexico border.

David Maisel

I’ve been looking to pull back the curtain on spaces that are not generally visible. The American West as it is never intended to be seen.

Jessica Wimbley

I wanted to think about my own cultural history in relationship to American history.

Ling Liu

Now I own one image of my best friend, and I will hold on to it for a lifetime.

Silvia Malagrino

My own attachment to the photograph haunts me.

Sophie Barbasch

I took this photo of my brother a few minutes before we had our first fight.

Justin Kimball

I have been photographing in small, all but defunct towns in New York, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.