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The Mask is the Meaning

“Under this mask, another mask; I will never finish removing all these faces.”


Before the hurricane, Puerto Rico had been ravaged by economic downturn— a legacy of the colonial histories that still shape its future.

Rachael Banks

I left my heart in Kentucky and came back to find it. The photographs are artifacts from my search.

Jenny Papalexandris

It is not a story with a clear trajectory; images are filmic and present as a series of vignettes.

God’s Documentarian

Floating above the terrestrial scene is a waxing moon, its craters and seas finely etched into its silvery face.

Book Report #3

1864 by Matthew Brandt, Too Tired for Sunshine by Tara Wray, A Habit of Self Deceit by Lorena Turner.

Alejandro Cartagena

After I spent a year making self-portraits, the inner part of me was done, I could begin to see outside of myself

Boyer + Factor

The subject roams the parameters of her habitat, pushing against the surfaces.

Rachael Banks

When I look at my grandmother, I find myself frightened by our likeness.

Shane Lavalette

I’m gonna write me some music about Daybreak in Alabama

Ling Liu

Now I own one image of my best friend, and I will hold on to it for a lifetime.