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Rachael Banks

I left my heart in Kentucky and came back to find it. The photographs are artifacts from my search.

Jenny Papalexandris

It is not a story with a clear trajectory; images are filmic and present as a series of vignettes.

God’s Documentarian

Floating above the terrestrial scene is a waxing moon, its craters and seas finely etched into its silvery face.

Book Report #3

1864 by Matthew Brandt, Too Tired for Sunshine by Tara Wray, A Habit of Self Deceit by Lorena Turner.

Alejandro Cartagena

After I spent a year making self-portraits, the inner part of me was done, I could begin to see outside of myself

White / Flower / Fist

Bazille‚Äôs flower seller poses a more complicated question than Manet’s Olympia.

Rosa Verhoeve

Kopi Susu is modest in scale but not in ambition, its power is to be found in the contemplative and the quietly suggestive, it whispers its secrets.

Boyer + Factor

The subject roams the parameters of her habitat, pushing against the surfaces.

Rachael Banks

When I look at my grandmother, I find myself frightened by our likeness.

Shane Lavalette

I’m gonna write me some music about Daybreak in Alabama

Ling Liu

Now I own one image of my best friend, and I will hold on to it for a lifetime.