Jessica Wimbley

I wanted to think about my own cultural history in relationship to American history.

Pieter Hugo

In the process of making a portrait, there is a very brief moment when economic, linguistic, or any cultural divide gets bridged—albeit briefly.

Myles Little

I had to rely on metaphor and suggestion, to get at a truth that is denied to us otherwise.

Oliver Wasow

I aspired to make something that had some critical resonance but also satisfied something more mysterious and human.

Zoe Leonard

The amazing luxury of being an artist is that you build a life determined by your interests.

Lilly McElroy

I get to set up what becomes a genuine experience and that is significantly more important to me than the art artifact.

Bill Jacobson

I have always been a voyeur, and find the very act of looking pleasurable.

Elinor Carucci

Photography is a way to connect. If the image doesn’t connect, it is because I failed.

Alessandra Sanguinetti

In my life I associate photography much more with poetry and music.