Bill Jacobson

I have always been a voyeur, and find the very act of looking pleasurable.

Elinor Carucci

Photography is a way to connect. If the image doesn’t connect, it is because I failed.

Alessandra Sanguinetti

In my life I associate photography much more with poetry and music.

Jim Goldberg

I am interested in stories from the inside. I wanted to open up the discussion.

Josef Astor

There was a kind of bohemia in the East Village then, like Paris in the 1920s, you could live meagerly yet have an exciting life.

William Lamson

The idea of the amateur is something that runs through all of my work.

Karen Yasinsky

The challenge was to present a general idea about violence without context or emotional involvement.

John Divola

The reason I got into photography was that I wanted to enjoy doing it; I sought pleasure in the process.

Marco Breuer

I have always looked for ways to work in the present, to have a real physical relationship to my material.