David Levi Strauss

Photographic images trace the relation between the person behind the camera and the person in front.

Gary Kachadourian

The hobbyist is the center or probably more accurately the source of everything for me.

Rachel Sussman

Deep time is like deep water. It’s hard to stay in deep time: you are always brought back to the surface.

Rebecca Baron

In much of my work there is a theme of the unspeakable or the unsayable.

Eva Respini

While I think it’s important to acknowledge the history of the institution, we shouldn’t be too navel-gazing about it.

Angel Kristi Williams

My aim is to tell the story visually first. I challenge myself to imagine the story only told through images.

Paul Chan

T.S. Eliot said ‘A lifetime burns in every moment’. We are time capsules whether we like it or not.

Jane Gillooly

My approach is restrained; I want the story to accumulate through the revelation of small details.

Nayland Blake

I was, and am, very ambitious, but ambitious for the work rather than the career.