Ron Jude

That tension between expectation and what actually happens is where all the fun is.

Dana Hoey

I saw myself bridging New Objective German photography and Pictorialist staged melodrama.

Taryn Simon

The mistrust of images is at the foundation of everything I do.

Lynne Tillman

We see things in a certain moment in time, the work doesn’t change but we change.

Lori Nix

When I was growing up in western Kansas, every season had a new disaster.

Michelle Angela Ortiz

I wanted to suggest those hidden stories beneath the larger narrative about immigration.

Stephanie Barber

I don’t feel at all cynical about contemporary art, it’s sort of the only thing I am not cynical about.

Melanie Willhide

American life is so much about artifice. Right? For me photography is a type of artificial intimacy.

Eric Gottesman

How can I produce a new model to understand social systems and engage in social change?