One Picture/One Paragraph

Jaimee Pineda

Sink below and drift away, Knowing that all will be okay.

Clayton Sisson

It captured my awe at something that I didn’t understand.

Erin O’Flynn

I wondered what breezes from the Atlantic eventually found their way into its open windows.

Ling Liu

Now I own one image of my best friend, and I will hold on to it for a lifetime.

Silvia Malagrino

My own attachment to the photograph haunts me.

Sophie Barbasch

I took this photo of my brother a few minutes before we had our first fight.

Tuba Koymen

The idea of hierarchy does not have only one form or one direction.

Martha Fleming-Ives

i remember the first time i ever saw a madonna del latte.

Flannery O’Kafka

To my surprise, blood has not made much of an appearance during this season.