One Picture/One Paragraph

Lynne Tillman

My shadow looked enormous, portentous in my large black coat.

Scott MacLeod

I stand naked at the window looking out over Belgrade, wondering.

Gabriella Sturchio

I found a silver lining by perceiving the beauty that is shared within the frail body.

Amy Luo

“A person absent from his own pain is doubly painful.”

Angelika Rinnhofer

She was not a student when she took the image of her feet.

Alice Rose George

It’s a tulip, a lollypop, a mysterious thing from the underworld.

Rahne Alexander

The museum was full of art from the American West, which included grisly realist paintings of murder…

Paola Ferrario

I smiled at the unexpected memento mori that had suddenly materialized in my hands.

Ivar Brynjolfsson

The thought process sometimes changes the perception of the photograph.