Jaime Permuth


Souvenir snapshot of our days with Circo Rey Gitano, Guatemala 2005.

Summer of 2005, together with my father Mario (pictured) and my younger brother Igal we started working on “Tarzan Lopez” the second installment in our trilogy of family projects. Although my family still lives in Guatemala, I myself have been a New Yorker for the past 20 years. For this two-year project, I traveled to Guatemala every six months and spent six to eight weeks at a time traveling with the circus. The beauty of being a photographer is that life is intensely lived and utterly unpredictable. The difficulty of being a photographer is that – of necessity – projects must come to an end. How do you let go the experience of criss-crossing the land in the company of acrobats, clowns and lion tamers? How do you fall asleep in the city without hearing the lullaby of Siberian tigers quieting down and settling in for the night?