Lucy and her Neighbors

The paintings in this room are virtuosic, formal and reverent, everything that my world is not.

Two Episodes of Credulity

But is wonder simply a pleasurable side effect of ignorance?

Picturing the City

The next moment never arrives; it is frozen and doesn’t answer the question of what happens next.

Trickle-Down Counter Culture

I was baptized in the sweat spritzing from Robert Plant’s golden locks.

Three Tornados

It is hard to resist the metaphor of the funnel cloud as the capricious finger of God.

To Be and To Last

The Traceur is the dream of anarchism modestly manifest.

Referential Mania

How do we distinguish revelation from delusion?

Sidetripping Revisited

The images rendered the frayed ends of the hippie era with a cynical glee.

The Ethiopian’s Leg

The Ethiopian was probably a slave, so the theft of his leg was not considered a desecration.