Paula McCartney: A Field Guide to Snow and Ice

Perhaps there is another way of knowing the world other than by our narrow habits of classification.

Beatles’ Haircuts

Ringo’s soul patch was particularly unnerving.

Staring at Chris Marker

Our interior life is scripted by the cumulative whispers of ancient intimacies.

1440 Decisions to Look

The Middle East Mapping Projects of Roberto Lopardo

Michael Ast

Photography straddles the boundary between the real and the metaphoric.

Lucy and her Neighbors

The paintings in this room are virtuosic, formal and reverent, everything that my world is not.

Two Episodes of Credulity

But is wonder simply a pleasurable side effect of ignorance?

Picturing the City

The next moment never arrives; it is frozen and doesn’t answer the question of what happens next.

Trickle-Down Counter Culture

I was baptized in the sweat spritzing from Robert Plant’s golden locks.