Magdalene Wanderlust


Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold I



Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold II



Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold III



Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold IV




Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold V


Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold VI



Magdalene Wanderlust, Stream of Gold VII


Stream of Gold Project

The main inspiration for this series of images is the Surrealist Movement. Watching Surrealist movies and other Surrealist artworks inspired me to make this particular project. This photographic journey taught me through a spectrum of dark things that were mostly discovered through Surrealist obsessions with convulsive beauty, hallucinatory dreams and the process of psychoanalysis. I used gold ink on the image’s surface. This intervention provides an additional dimension and a nod to the surface breakage celebrated by Surrealist artists. The medium of painting provides a freedom that contests the photographic surface. The Stream of Gold project is a series of 14 22 cm by 22 cm darkroom prints painted with gold ink. The images feature a figure interacting with objects, often obscured by movement and long exposure. I want to place the viewer in the position of the observer of a theatrical event. The intervention on the surface of the picture allude to the dark recesses of the unconscious. The images are personal, intimate, magical, and retrospective. They evoke a time of surreal nightmares and speak to hallucinatory experiences present in the early 1900s.

I am passionate about alternative processes, cameraless photography and forgotten photographic processes. I am interested in unconscious rather than conscious states. My latest work is related to dreams and water as an element. I am also curious to explore the intangibility of photography.

Magdalene Wanderlust was born in Krakow, Poland. She works and lives in Glasgow, United Kingdom. Her work has been exhibited in several photo festivals such as PhotoIreland, Dublin, RevelaT Barcelona, DADA LIVES, Ohio, USA, and Photo Patagonia, Argentina.