Aimée Beaubien


Aimée Beaubien, feverish follies | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 26 x 26 inches


Aimée Beaubien, between in between | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 29 x 22 inches


Aimée Beaubien, woven patter | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 47 x 37 inches


Aimée Beaubien, urge outline | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 32 x 15 inches


Aimée Beaubien, unfettered attachments | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 39 x 30 inches


Aimée Beaubien, overlapping progression | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 21 x 17.5 inches


Aimée Beaubien, fancy manta | 2013 | unique collage with pigment prints | 46 x 28 inches


The way that I interact with photography begins with taking pictures and then I make things from my prints. The enclosed documentation includes examples from a series of collages created through the direct method of cutting, pasting and taping.

Responding to the complexities of perception, I employ a camera to capture raw material and what I initially see through the lens continues to transform.  I draw with scissors. Collage is destruction and construction, a simultaneous collapsing of time, space and place.

These tangled inventions overlap and intersect, upending expectations of foreground, background, object,subject and motion. The fragments generated are joined into a matrix of shifting planes and disorienting scale relationships, which move between recognition and abstraction.

The physicality of these layered works activates opportunities for compelling paths of visual explorations
through the fabric of my collages and taps into our intuitive abilities to entertain multiple narratives.

Aimée Beaubien is an artist living and working in Chicago. Her sculptural, photo based collages explore collapses in time, space, and place, while playfully engaging the complexities of visual perception. Solo exhibitions include shows at TWIN KITTENS, Atlanta, GA; The Cliff Dwellers and Gallery Uno, Chicago; Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago; Marvelli Gallery, NY. Group exhibitions include galerie obqo, Berlin, Germany; UCRC Museum of Photography, Riverside, CA; Art Exhibition Link, Bremen, Germany, and Castello di S. Severa, Italy; Carl Hammer Gallery and Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago. Her work has been reviewed in publications such as Art in America, Art on Paper, and Art Papers. Beaubien is Assistant Professor of Photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.