Cansuelo Kanaga


Consuelo Kanaga, Annie Mae Merriweather, 1935


Consuelo Kanaga, Frances with a Flower, c. early 1930s


Consuelo Kanaga, Milton Avery, 1950


Consuelo Kanaga, Eluard Luchell McDaniel, 1931


Consuelo Kanaga, Mother and Son, 1950


Consuelo Kanaga, School Girl (St. Croix), 1963


Consuelo Kanaga, Young Girl in Profile, 1948

The great alchemy is your attitude, who you are, what you are.  When you make a photograph, it is very much a picture of your own self.  That is the important thing.  Most people try to be striking to catch the eye. I think the thing is not to catch the eye but the spirit.

I feel something close to religion in photography.

I thought a medium like photography could change the world.   Consuelo Kanaga

Consuelo Kanaga (1894-1978) was an American photographer who worked with Alfred Stieglitz, Tina Modotti and was briefly associated with the f/64 group on the invitation of Ansel Adams.