Eva Wollenberg

“Fear doesn’t exist alone, it will need you to exist, never forget that. Go on.”

In the nightmares, since the age of 8, there is often a huge bear trying to attack me, or children I have to protect, or her, while she is screaming. There is always a broken door which doesn’t lock properly that I have to keep closed while the bear violently pushes to enter. I always wonder how I will be able to keep it closed in front of such colossal and raw power. But, in spite of our terror, the bear could never reach us, bite us, kill us. I always ran faster, was more agile when I climbed, or enraged enough to kick back efficiently. Most of the time it is a grizzly, but sometimes, it is an arctic one, and when it is like that, he is covered with blood all over the face. White bears always wear blood. That is a dream law. When I started Seismogram (evawollenberg.com) the nightmare changed. My psyché placed a bear trap in front of the small door of the cabin in which I sought refuge with two children I had to protect. My psyché decided to hunt the hunter. I became all of a sudden more dangerous and confident. The bear put a leg in the trap, got caught, and it revealed its human appearance. A man with a plaid shirt. These shirts my father always wore.