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Karen Yasinsky

The challenge was to present a general idea about violence without context or emotional involvement.


Beatles’ Haircuts

Ringo’s soul patch was particularly unnerving.

divola16-lucy feature

John Divola

The reason I got into photography was that I wanted to enjoy doing it; I sought pleasure in the process.


Tina Modotti

Actress, activist and photographer, Modotti made some of the most iconic images of revolutionary Mexico of the 1920s.


Staring at Chris Marker

Our interior life is scripted by the cumulative whispers of ancient intimacies.


Marco Breuer

I have always looked for ways to work in the present, to have a real physical relationship to my material.


David Levi Strauss

Photographic images trace the relation between the person behind the camera and the person in front of it.

larson7 copy

Laura Larson

Electric Girls and the Invisible World


Karlheinz Weinberger

Weinberger followed several biker gangs through the early 1960s.


Jung Lee

Lee places neon text sculptures in deserted landscapes.


Michael Ast

Photography straddles the boundary between the real and the metaphoric.