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Zoe Leonard

The amazing luxury of being an artist is that you build a life determined by your interests.


Magdalene Wanderlust

My images are personal, intimate, magical, and retrospective.


Lilly McElroy

I get to set up what becomes a genuine experience and that is significantly more important to me than the art artifact.


Danny Lyon: Rebel With a Camera

Lyon was not the run-of-the-mill concerned photographer hoping for photographic notoriety; he was seeking revolution.


John Gutmann

Gutmann was as interested in American vernacular as he was in European formalism.


Jacob Lawrence

The Great Migration Series is an epic visual narrative of the collective experiences of dislocation, racism and hope.


Anastasia Samoylova

My work explores the ways in which photography is used to illustrate concepts of the Beautiful and the Sublime in contemporary visual culture.


Flannery O’Kafka

To my surprise, blood has not made much of an appearance during this season.

Marshalltown School, Mannington, New Jersey

Wendel White

‘Schools for the Colored’ depict the buildings and landscapes that were associated with the system of racially segregated schools.

sheila-wilson feature

Sheilah Wilson

In the act of photographing is the act of holding you.


A Story for Brea Souders

Like an emphatic response to nocturnal blindness, she created an internal sun.